Welcome to Twin Falls Chalet

Twin Falls Chalet is a privately operated backcountry lodge, located at the head of the Yoho Valley in Yoho National Park, in Western Canada.

It is only accessible by foot and can accommodate up to 14 overnight guests who hike in from various hiking trails in the area.

Afternoon tea and freshly made bakeries are also served, for a fee, to day hikers who stop in for a rest.

Twin Falls Chalet has the rustic warmth and comfort reminiscent of Canadian heritage.

Food is cooked on a woodstove by your hostess and operator Fran Drummond.

There is no running water and no electricity. There is no cellular phone service.

The outhouse offers a spectacular view and guests are serenaded by the roar of the Twin Falls while enjoying an outdoor shower.

Twin Falls Chalet is located 8.2 kilometres from the nearest vehicles road, which is the Yoho Valley Road at Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park. Yoho Valley Road is accessible from the TransCanada highway, approximately 4 kilometres east of Field BC.

Twin Falls Chalet is comprised of two adjoining buildings. The two-storey main lodge, with the dining area on the first floor and 4 sleeping rooms on the second floor was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR); construction of this main lodge was completed in 1923 and first opened for business the following year. The second building, which is the kitchen area and staff quarters, is the original Yoho Valley Lodge, built by the CPR in 1908. It is believed that this was part of the Yoho Bungalow Camp, built by the CPR, on the site that is now the Whiskey Jack Hostel near Takakkaw Falls on Yoho Valley Road to the South.

Twin Falls Chalet is a national historical site known as “Twin Falls Tea House National Historic Site of Canada”; dedicating plaques were installed by Parks Canada at the site in 2006, following a $1-million renovation in 2005, partially subsidized by Heritage Canada.

Twin Falls Tea House was renamed Twin Falls Chalet by its present operator in 1962.