Getting There

Travelling west from Banff by way of the TransCanada Highway, one enters Yoho National Park near Lake Wapta, approximately 18 kilometers west of Lake Louise. Another 18 kilometers through scenic country, passed the Canadian Pacific Railway spiral tunnels, carries you to Field, British Columbia, a historic mining and railroad village. Turn off approximately 4 kilometers east of Field, up the newly renovated Yoho Valley Road and after the meeting of the Kicking Horse and Yoho Rivers, follow the turbulent Yoho River north to Takakkaw Falls; en route, you will climb ingenious switch-backs with your vehicle.

The shortest walking distance on hiking trails maintained by Parks Canada to Twin Falls Chalet, is from the Takakkaw Falls parking lot, along the Yoho River; it is a pleasant 2 to 3 hours hike over 8.2 kilometers with a 290 meters elevation gain (see full description below). Remember to bring plenty of water for the hike up to Twin Falls.

A longer approach, also on Parks Canada maintained hiking trails, is via the Emerald Lake parking lot, over the Yoho Pass and either along the Iceline Trail or down to Takakkaw Falls and along the Yoho River; this approach is approximately 25 kilometers with over 700 meters of elevation gain. And a yet longer approach is from near the town of Field, over Burgess Pass, along the Burgess Highline Trail overlooking Emerald Lake and either along the Iceline Trail or down to Takakkaw Falls and along the Yoho River; this approach is nearly 30 kilometers with over 1,000 meters of elevation gain.

Takakkaw Falls plunges 380 meters (1,248 feet) from the Daly Glacier and cascades swiftly as it meets the Yoho River; it is a worthwhile stop before starting your hike towards Twin Falls.

You can extend the distance of the short approach by taking side-trips to numerous view points along the way. Laughing Falls is roughly the half-way point from where you have the choice of a longer approach via the Little Yoho River trail or give yourself the option of a side trip on the Yoho Glacier trail:

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0.0 km Yoho Valley trailhead (1510 m) – follow old road bed north

0.3 km Takakkaw Falls Campground

0.5 km Trail sign on north edge of campground – trails run across alluvial plain and into scattered forest

2.2 km Junction – Point Lace Falls (0.2 km) to the left and Angel Staircase viewpoint (across Yoho River) to the right Steep 15 minutes climb (0.25 km) followed by level trail

3.6 km Junction – Duchesnay Lake left (0.2 km) – lake often dried-up in late summer

4.2 km Cross the Little Yoho River bridge - Laughing Falls and Campground

4.3 km Junction – keep right at trail sign The Little Yoho Valley trail to the left is an alternate trail to Twin Falls via the Marpole Connector; adds approx. 1.5 km to Twin Falls

4.7 km Cross the Twin Falls Creek bridge Level trail for approx. 1km then trail switches back for a gentle climb towards next junction – watch for viewpoints of Twin Falls

6.4 km Junction – keep left (straight) at the trail sign Yoho Glacier trail to the right is no longer maintained by Parks Canada; it leads to moraine terrain below the glacier (not visible from trail)

6.6 km Twin Falls Campground Steady climb to Twin Falls Chalet

8.1 km Junction – Whaleback trail to the right – Twin Falls chalet visible to the left

8.2 km Twin Falls Chalet (1800 m) – Twin Falls Creek and base of Twin Falls with benches at viewpoint 100 m ahead.